How to Decorate for a Christmas Party

When having a Christmas party at your home, there are many things to plan such as the food, the entertainment and the decorating. You want to make sure that the décor gets everyone in the holiday spirit.


Step 1

Choose a color scheme or a theme for the party. If you want to focus on color, then choose some holiday or winter colors. Variations of red and green are always great choices, but not the only ones. Other great colors include blues, silvers and gold.

Step 2

Decorate a nice Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is a must when you decorate for a Christmas party. You can decorate the tree according to your theme or just have it generally decorated with multi-colored lights and decorations for the party.

Step 3

Create holiday centerpieces for the tables. There are many great ideas for holiday centerpieces that you can use. Mini Christmas trees, poinsettias, mini snowmen, small wreaths, and candles all make great centerpieces for your tables.

Step 4

Hang plenty of lights around the room. Decorate with lights around the rooms where you're having the party. Add them to the windows, or use them creatively with your furniture and tables.

Step 5

Place stockings around the room. Stockings from the fireplace, the wall, and in other places around the room are a great touch. Fill them with Christmas candy, and they'll double as not only decorations, but also favors for your guests.

Step 6

Add pine boughs for a nice Christmas smell. Pine boughs look great above doorways, on mantles, tables and more. Not only do they look amazing, but they also add a wonderful smell that will make everyone think of Christmas.

Step 7

Light candles throughout your home. Find candles that come in Christmas scents, such as pine, berry or apple spice. The candles not only provide you with a great smile, but they add a soft glow to the room and make your home seem cozier for the Christmas party.

Step 8

Set the mood with some soft Christmas music. Whether it's a CD or the local radio station, the Christmas music will get everyone in the mood for a grand Christmas party.

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