How to Write a Business Newsletter for Christmas

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A newsletter is the perfect way to update your employees and clients on the important goings on of your business. A holiday newsletter can be inserted into Christmas cards or sent via email. Follow these steps if you want to spread your holiday business cheer this season.


Step 1

Gather a list of news that you want to include in the newsletter. Focus extra attention on family-oriented company achievements.

Step 2

Write in a less formal tone than what would normally be used in a business newsletter. During the holiday season, you want to give a warm, family feeling to readers of your newsletter. Avoid using cold, corporate wording. It will seem as though you simply stuck a picture of a Christmas tree on a formal business report.

Step 3

Use clip art and font sparingly. Some people feel a need to use lots and lots of cheesy clip art images for holiday newsletters. You should use tasteful images that add to the aesthetics of the document. Too many cartoon holiday images will cheapen the look of your newsletter. You wouldn't put that stuff on your business card or website would you?

Step 4

Include at least one section about upcoming business events and changes that will begin to roll out in the new year. You are giving everyone a small present in the form of a sneak preview of things to come.

Step 5

If you'll be including the newsletter in a business Christmas card, be sure to sign it in your own handwriting and add a short, personal note. While this can certainly be an arduous task, it shows that you care and your clients and employees will really appreciate the extra effort.

Step 6

Keep the newsletter to about one page in length, unless you regularly send out lengthy, newspaper style newsletters. Even if you do quarterly mailings, consider creating a stand alone Christmas newsletter that is short, less formal, and more focused on the spirit of the season.

Step 7

Include information about charitable organizations that you donate to in the Christmas newsletter. It is the season for giving, and learning about your donations will warm people's hearts. It may also encourage others to take up donating to your cause.

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