Ideas for Making Cute Christmas Invitations


Christmas is a great time for office parties, family get togethers and present exchanges with friends. Start off the holiday season right by creating an invitation that will get your creative gears turning and people instantly interested at your party. These invitations do not just feature an RSVP number, they feature iconic Christmas symbols and cute designs.

Hand-Print Christmas Tree

Get your children involved with a hand-print Christmas tree invitation. Use green construction paper to trace your child's hand 10 times and cut them out. Glue them onto a piece of white card stock paper. Start with the bottom row and feature four hands with the fingers pointing down. Slightly overlap the hands and peel the fingers up a little to make it seem more tree like. Continue on the next rows, using one less hand per row, until the top of the tree has one hand. Use aluminum foil to create a silver star for the top of the tree. Use multicolored markers and construction paper to create decorations for the tree. Fill in the invitation on the back of the card-stock paper. Use a 9-inch-by-12-inch envelope to fit the invitation or only use 5 traced hands to fit into a smaller envelope.

Cotton Ball

Use a pencil to draw a snowman on a piece of white card-stock paper. Cut the snowman out; repeat for as many invitations as needed. Place a small layer of Elmer's glue on the top of the snowman. Add cotton balls all over the snowman until it is completely covered. Apply extra glue if necessary. Glue on a set of googly eyes or draw eyes on using a permanent marker. Write the invitation on the back of the card and trace over with glitter glue to make it more decorative. Use a padded 5-by-7-inch envelope to protect the snowman invitation from breaking during mailing.


Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a stocking so that the left side is on the folded crease. Cut the stocking design out so that crease remains and you are left with a card that opens and shuts. Glue small cotton balls on the top front of the stocking to make it look more realistic. Glue on some gold glitter to make the stocking seem more festive and add the party information to the inside of the stocking.

Candy Cane

Give party invites a little treat by adding a couple of candy canes to an invitation. Punch one hole into the top left corner of the invitation. String red or green ribbon through the hole, and tie the candy canes on by creating a bow with the ribbon. These simple, elegant invitations are perfect for any type of party. Use padded envelopes to protect the candy canes from breaking or deliver the invitations in person.


Purchase mini-present-designed gift-certificate holders. Instead of placing a gift certificate into the box, put the party invitation inside. These invitations take the craft work out of supplying a cute invitation and will still impress party guests. You can also use different types of gift-card holders to make each invitation unique.

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