How to Write a Christmas Letter

How to Write a Christmas Letter

There is no better time than Christmas to write a letter to update your friends and family on what's been happening in your life. However, it is also the worst time to try to find the time to compose personal letters to each and every person you consider important. So what's the solution? How do you write a heartfelt letter to the significant people in your life? If you take the time to create an interesting letter with a personal feel you can write one special letter for all the people you want to reach out and touch during the holiday season.


Step 1

Create a list of all the intended recipients for your special holiday letter. Decide how you want to save your master file. You may want to jot it down in a festive-looking address book to use every Christmas, or you may want to create a computer file for all the intended recipients for your special holiday letter. As you locate each address, add it to your list. A very effective way to accomplish this through MS Word. Go to "Tools" on the menu bar, then choose "Letters & Mailing," "Mail Merge" and "Directory," and you can create a single document containing a catalog or a printed list of addresses.

Step 2

Find eye-catching festive holiday paper for your printer and purchase a supply that is large enough for the number of copies you plan to send. You can also purchase matching envelopes for many holiday papers from suppliers online, such as Paper Direct, or from many office supply stores (see Resources below).

Step 3

If you want help actually creating the letter, use Microsoft's Word program. Go to the toolbar and click "Tools," "Letters & Mailing" and "Letter Wizard." Or you can create a letter from scratch. The hard part is determining just the right things to say in your letter.

Step 4

Write an opening greeting that sounds like something you would say. Some good choices might be "Happy Holidays to Our Favorite People," or "Merry Christmas to One and All," or for a more traditional choice, "Dear Friends and Family."

Step 5

Continue composing your letter by writing about any important interesting details of your life and that of your family and significant others over the last year. It's important to write as though you are speaking to each recipient individually even though you are sending your letter to many recipients. Tell a personal story that paints a picture of you and yours, perhaps how you've had a new puppy join your family. Mention something about everyone in your group of significant others, those you live with and love every day. Tell them about accomplishments, lifestyle changes, relocations, new additions and happy moments that you think people who you care about that care about you would enjoy sharing. Try to limit all of this wonderful information to one page so your it is enjoyable from the first word to the last.

Step 6

Close by including a sincere expression of interest in hearing from them about what's going on in their lives, and end with the most heartfelt holiday greeting that you can put into words on paper . If you can't think of one of your own, how about this one: "May your first holiday moment this year be magical and every holiday moment that follows be better than the one before it!"

Step 7

Print your letters and your envelopes and handwrite your signature on each letter to give each one a personal touch. Mail as early as possible in December so you can enjoy your accomplishment throughout the entire holiday season!

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