Thank You Note Etiquette for Christmas

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Just when it seems the holiday season has died down, you find yourself facing the task of sending thank-you cards for all those Christmas gifts you have received. You may wonder if writing thank-you cards is a necessity and, if it is, how to go about writing one. When done correctly, you can write thank-you cards without fuss while still expressing gratitude for the thought and the gift.

Children's Thank-You Cards

When you have a large family that is separated by distance, children may receive gifts from numerous family members whom they rarely see or, in some cases, they've never met. If the child is old enough, it's best to have him write the thank-you card. Have the child write a brief sentence or two about how he enjoyed the gift, followed by a personalized thank you. If you can, include a photo of the child enjoying the gift. With this small gesture, you can show the giver that both you and your child appreciated the gift and that you cared enough to take a little extra effort to let him know.

Corporate Gifts

You may find that corporate gifts are impersonal and unnecessary. Despite this, sending a thank-you card is not only good manners, it's also a vital part of professional networking. Don't fill the card with unnecessary filler about how you enjoyed the microwavable beanbag given to you as a gift as it will come across as superficial. A simple "thank you" and a note about how you look forward to working with them over the upcoming year will suffice.

Friends and Family

If someone has sent you a gift and was not in your presence when you opened it, it's good practice to send a thank-you card to let her know you received the gift and that the sentiment was appreciated. Include a personalized thank you, a brief note about your own holidays and wishes for her own new year.

When to Send

Generally, you should send your thank-you cards within two weeks of receiving the gift. This time frame will give you plenty of time to give thanks for the gift while it is still fresh in the giver's mind. It will also give you time to wish the gift-giver happiness in the New Year.

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