How to Make a Turkey Tic Tac Toe Game for Thanksgiving

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Tic Tac Toe is a classic game that generations have enjoyed playing. Both young and old enjoy the game. This craft will teach you how to make your own tic tac toe game, but with a twist. This Thanksgiving version of tic tac toe features turkeys instead of the famous Xs and Os. All the rules are the same so you can play instantly once the game is created.


Step 1

Buy a piece of white or a light colored poster board. If you want to keep the Thanksgiving look try using a light yellow poster board.

Step 2

Draw two vertical lines down the poster board with your marker from the top to the bottom. These lines should form three equal sections.

Step 3

Draw two horizontal lines with your marker on your poster board from one side to the other. These lines added to the lines above should form nine equally spaced squares.

Step 4

Cut nine 1 1/2 inch strips of Velcro. You will need to cut both sides of the Velcro.

Step 5

Attach one side of the Velcro to each of the nine squares in the middle of the square. It should have a sticky side that you just peel off the back and then stick on.

Step 6

Find a magazine with a picture of a live turkey and a picture of a cooked turkey. Cut the picture out and photocopy each one five times. Cut out the pictures that you just copied.

Step 7

Add the other side of the Velcro to each of the turkey pictures. If the turkey paper isn't strong enough by itself you can glue it to a piece of construction paper first. You will need to cut a piece of Velcro for one extra turkey picture.

Step 8

Each person gets a set of turkeys to use. Either the living ones or the cooked ones. When it is there turn they attach the Velcro strip of the turkey to the Velcro strip of the square they want to use. Each player takes turns until one player has three in a row or all of the squares are filled.

Tips and Warnings

You can draw your own turkeys and then copy them if you don't have a magazine picture to copy. Hold a family tournament and see which family member wins the most games.

Things You'll Need

Velcro, Poster board, Markers, Copy machine, Picture of a cooked turkey, Picture of a living turkey, Scissors, Ruler

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Photo by: Tania Matvienko

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