How to Play the Cornucopia Game

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This Thanksgiving game is a great way to work of the post-meal lethargy and have some fun. Instead of adjourning to the family room to nap and watch football, try this fun family game first to keep the good times and the party going. You can up the ante for reluctant players by giving the winner rights to the remote control.


Step 1

Place the chairs in a circle. You will need a large, open space to play in, so the best area is probably a family room, game room or den.

Step 2

Have each person pick their favorite Thanksgiving food. Start with the youngest since getting their absolute favorite will be most important to the younger children. There cannot be any duplicates. As the foods are selected, write them down along with the name of the person who picked them.

Step 3

Select a leader. This person needs to be a teenager or an adult and will not actually be part of the chair portion of the game.

Step 4

Have the leader call out two foods. These people must switch places as quickly as possible. This is a fast paced game, so the leader should call another food combination as soon as both people are seated.

Step 5

Call out "cornucopia" periodically. Whenever this happens, everyone must switch chairs. The last person to sit down has to remove themselves and their chair from the game and become part of the cheering section. The game ends when only one person is left.

Things You'll Need

Chairs, Notepad, Pen

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