Tutorial for Making Brochures in MS Word for Mac


If you're looking to make a brochure on a Mac, you can do it in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office provides numerous templates to choose from that you can download right from the word processor. You can take an existing template and then modify it with your own information and photos or clip art. You can search through brochure templates through Word or you can go to the Microsoft Office Online website to download one (see Resources).

Find a Brochure Template

Open a new document in Word. Find a brochure template to use from the Elements Gallery. To do this, click the "View" menu and select "Elements Gallery." Also under the "View" menu, select "Publishing Layout" so you can view the templates. In the Elements Gallery, click the "Publication Templates" tab. Click "Brochures" to browse through a variety of brochure templates. Find one that matches your style needs and click to apply it to your document. You also can find brochure templates in the Project Gallery. To find them, click "Project Gallery" under the "File" menu. On the "New" tab, select the category of template you want and browse.

Customize Your Brochure

After you've chosen your brochure template, first save it as a new file. Begin to customize it by clicking the sample text and changing it to your own. Delete any text boxes you don't want. Change the clip art as well. To insert your own artwork, click the "View" menu. Click "Object Palette" and select "Clip Art" to find the clip art you want. Insert it anywhere you want in the brochure, or you can select sample art to replace it. You also can insert your own photos or logo by clicking "Picture" under the "Insert" menu.

Print the Brochure

Make any necessary edits to complete the brochure. Connect your printer to your computer. In the "Print" menu, select "Pages" and type in "1" to make sure you are only printing the first page. Click "Print" and wait for your document. Flip the paper and put it back in the printer. Click "Print" again and select page 2 to print. After both sides are printed correctly, fold your brochure.

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