Secret Pals Gift Ideas That You Can Make for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a time to show people how much you care about them. Secret pals gift ideas that you can make for Valentine's Day will go a long way in proving the love and adoration you have for your secret pal. Follow these creative and simple ideas to show them how much you appreciate them.

Bake Up A Gift

You can make a gift in your kitchen of simple baked goods. Make red heart-shaped sugar cookies out of dough and red or pink food coloring. Just as you take them out of the oven, press a craft stick into the base of each heart. Then when the cookies cool, the stick will stay in place. Ice the cookies and wrap them in colorful red cellophane; now you have a decorative cookie bouquet. Chocolate is a great gift for Valentine's Day. Try baking up a few varieties of fudge and add a flower made of red icing on top of each square. Wrap them in a decorative Valentine box and present them in secret to your pal. (Note: Make sure your pal doesn't have a chocolate allergy before giving this gift.)

Use Your Talents

Use your craft skills to make a special gift for your secret pal. If you can paint, try making a mini masterpiece by painting a pretty scene onto a note card. Your pal can keep the card on her desk long after the holiday as a beautiful reminder of your talent and friendship. If fiber arts are your thing, try knitting or crocheting a scarf or headband for your secret pal or make up a few handmade dishcloths. Small, simple projects like these can be completed quickly. If you like to make scrapbooks, you can put together a mini version in a "brag book" photo album for your pal. Or decorate a photo frame for her using craft paints and glitter. Your craft doesn't have to be professional or expensive in order to be meaningful.

Candy Crafts

Use these ideas for crafts you can fill with your secret pal's favorite Valentine's candy. Make a paper cone by using cardstock and cutting it into a circle, then cutting that circle in half. Roll each half-circle into a cone shape and glue into shape; pinch with a clothespin while it dries. Decorate your cone with Valentine stickers (or draw on hearts with a marker) and punch holes on two opposite sides. String a ribbon through the holes and tie with a bow to make a handle; fill with candy and hang on your secret pal's office doorknob or cubicle wall. Purchase a paper-mache box from a craft store. Paint it with red and pink craft paint and stick on some tissue paper squares in festive prints. Let dry, and then coat with a layer of mod podge (or use regular glue mixed with 50 percent water). When it dries, you can fill the box with candy and slip it into your pal's mail box unnoticed. Make a festive pouch using a circle cut from red or pink felt. Punch holes around the edges of the circle using an awl or a sharp pair of scissors (a large yarn needle may also work). Take a yarn needle and thread it with a length of ribbon cut to twice the circle's circumference. Weave the ribbon in and out of the holes in the felt and pull on the ends to draw up like drawstring. Fill the pouch with candy and tie a bow to keep it shut.

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