Valentine Gifts for Secret Sisters

A big part of a sorority tradition is the idea of the Secret Sister. Usually, an older sorority member gives anonymous gifts and encouraging notes to a sorority new member or pledge. If you're a Secret Sister, it's your job to make sure that your new member gets the most out of her sorority experience and feels the bonds of sisterhood, but you have to do it secretly. For Valentine's Day, send your Secret Sis a variety of treats and trinkets to make her smile and let her know that the love of sisterhood can last a lifetime.

Sweet Treats

Everyone loves a little sugar on Valentine's Day. Your Secret Sister is probably far from home and living in a dormitory, so if you have access to a kitchen, you could bake her a Valentine's Day treat. It doesn't have to be complicated; something simple like rice cereal treats or sugar cookies cut out like hearts and decorated with sprinkles will go a long way to warming her day with some homemade goodness. If you can't bake (either for lack of talent or lack of a kitchen), try purchasing a box of chocolates or a bag of candy gummy hearts. They will let her know how sweet you think she is with a gift from the heart to feed the stomach.


New members of a sorority don't usually have a lot of sorority items to wear yet. Show your Secret Sister you're glad to have her by purchasing something with your sorority letters on it for her. You can go big budget with a T-shirt or sweatshirt or get something small and affordable like a scarf or hair accessory. She'll be proud to wear her new letters and touched that you thought of her on this day.

Arts and Crafts

Sorority gifts often come in a handmade, crafty variety, and those can be the gifts that a sister will treasure for years to come. Buy a wooden heart-shaped plaque at your local craft store, and paint it in your sorority's colors. Write your sorority letters on the front, and use a permanent marker to write a personal message to your Secret Sister on the back. She will appreciate the sentiment and enjoy having the heart to hang in her dorm room.

Photo Fun

Put together a photo album of your Secret Sister's new sisters. Find a small "brag book" style photo album in a Valentine color, and write your sorority letters on the front cover with permanent marker. Then, fill it with fun photos of the sisters at recent events, like Bid Day or Greek Week. Try to include photos of your Secret Sister as well but not too many photos of yourself, or she might guess your identity.

Scented Ideas

Purchase a scented gift for a Valentine's Day tradition. Not Soap, Radio makes a collection of roll-on sorority perfumes created after each sorority's official flower. You could find them online for about $15 in 2010. For a less expensive option, purchase a votive candle in a flowery fragrance, and use a paint pen or permanent marker to write your sorority letters on the outside of the votive holder. Or, cut two heart shapes out of felt, and glue them together with potpourri sandwiched in the middle. Use fabric paint to decorate the sachet with your sorority's letters or symbols.

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