Teacher Appreciation Valentine Ideas

Homemade treats are a great way to show a teacher your appreciate her efforts. image by cafemom.com


Many teachers go way beyond the call of duty, and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you for all they do. In the midst of your child's Valentine's Day party, make sure you've sent a little something extra that lets the teacher know that you recognize and, more importantly, truly appreciate all that is done for your child and the entire class.


Have your child hand craft a very special Valentine's Day card for his teacher. Try incorporating an art or craft skill that the teacher has taught the class. Use brightly colored paper and embellishments like paper or cardboard hearts, ribbon, flowers and more. Help your child compose a poem or note saying what is special about the teacher and why he or she enjoys being in the classroom. Even more importantly, add a note from the parents saying thank you and acknowledging how much effort is put into making the classroom a happy and productive learning environment.

Homemade Gifts

If you have a favorite homemade specialty, whip up a batch for your child's teacher for Valentine's Day. If you've ever noticed the number of hours most teachers put in, you understand that there's simply not much time left over for creating homemade treats of their own. A batch of cookies, a cake or pie, or homemade jams or jellies will be both appreciated and enjoyed. Be sure to include a note saying how much his or her efforts are appreciated and have your child sign it underneath your own signature.

Purchased Gifts

Teacher's salaries aren't always too spectacular---especially new teachers or those who haven't put in many years yet. Gifts of restaurant gift certificates are always appreciated and might treat a teacher to a meal out he may not have been able to afford otherwise. Small gifts like coffee and a coffee mug, flowers and candy are thoughtful and appropriate as well. Since teachers often spend a lot of their own money on school supplies for their students, you might consider buying a box of pencils, erasers, rulers and notebooks for the teacher to use for the entire class. A gift card to a supply store like Staples or OfficeMax would be even better because the teacher could pick out exactly which school supplies the classroom needs.

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