How to Package Valentine's Day Flowers

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A beautiful flower arrangement is the classic symbol of love and friendship. Professional arrangements can be pricey, but you can create your own bouquet with these easy steps.

Step 1

Find good flowers. You may have a rose bush in your backyard, or have a friend or neighbor willing to part with fresh cut flowers. Use an un-serrated knife, and cut at a slant to remove the flowers. Immediately put fresh flowers in water and remove any leaves while under water. If you can't find fresh flowers, buy them from a grocery or warehouse store, but immediately place them in fresh water when you get home.

Step 2

Preserve the flowers with acid. If you are using store bought flowers, add the packet of powder provided for preservation. Those packets contain acids that keep bacteria from growing on the end of the stem and causing the flower to wilt faster. If you are using fresh cut flowers, use a penny and a tablet aspirin in the water for the same effect.

Step 3

Wrap the flowers. Wait until you are ready to deliver to keep the flowers fresh. You can buy flower packaging materials (see link below) or you can use cellophane wrapping paper to the same effect.

Step 4

Tie with ribbon. A wide ribbon has a wonderful appearance, but any ribbon or decorative tie will do.

Step 5

Write a special note. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, a heartfelt and thoughtful note helps someone feel loved.

Things You'll Need

  • Un-serrated knife
  • Penny
  • Tablet aspirin
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Ribbon

Who Can Help

  • Fresh cut flower tips
  • Floral sleeves and packages
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Photo by: Wikimedia Commons, Faisans.jeanluc (Public Domain)

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