Sexy Valentine Gifts


Instead of gifting your Valentine with a run-of-the-mill gift, enthrall her by twisting a few Valentine's Day favorites. Prove to him that it is possible to have a sexy Valentine's Day.

Wine tasting

Take your loved one for a tour and taste of a local winery. Afterwords, buy a bottle of your favorite wine to take home and share in the privacy of your bedroom.

Chocolate with a twist

Instead of the traditional chocolate-filled heart shaped box, give your Valentine a Truth, Dare or Chocolate game, Strip Chocolate Checkers, Chocolate tattoos or Chocolate Lovers' Dice. The games are all intimate, fun and sexy.

Bubble bath

Take a bath together using a couple's bath caddy that sets across the tub. Place your champagne-filled glasses in the specially designed holding areas cut into the wood and put lit candles on top of the caddy while you and your loved one trade sexy comments.


Get a a hotel that offers romance packages with the purchase of a room. Accidentally forget to take luggage to make the night sexier.


Every person has a different definition of sexy. Some women find a man who cleans to be sexy, and some men think watching a woman cook dinner is sexy. Alter your Valentine's Day gift to your loved one's version of sexy for a Valentine's Day he/she will never forget.


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