Unique Valentine Gifts for Husband


Choosing unique Valentine gifts for husbands doesn't have to be a challenge. Though most guys will say that they don't need anything for Valentine's Day, wives can still give their husbands a unique gift that they may not need, but will definitely enjoy.

A Personalized Love Story

Your husband knows how he fell in love with you...but does he know how you fell in love with him? Create your very own personalized, photograph love story for your husband's unique Valentine's gift. Using pictures, either scanned in or uploaded, you can create a chronological love story in book form. Using a website like Snapfish you can add funny captions, detailed descriptions, borders and more to your photos. After creating everything online the book composed of your personal love story will be shipped out. The glossy pictures and thoughtful nature of your gift will have your husband impressed and touched by this unique Valentine's Day gift.

Wish Upon A Star

For the husband who has everything, why not purchase him his very own star? Your husband will receive a certificate with his star's name, an astronomy DVD and a tutorial on how to find his star in the sky. The giver of this unique gift also gets to add a special wish to the purchased star. No longer will you have to wait to wish upon a falling star as every time you look up into the night sky your wish, your love and your unique Valentine's Day gift will be shining down.

A Monthly Gift

Capitalize on the old adage that the "surest direction to a man's heart is through his stomach" by purchasing a gift-of-the-month, variety package. This unique Valentine's gift is great because he will never know what he will be receiving each month. The Variety Club will send your husband something different each month. One month your husband may receive a restaurant gift certificate, the next month a selection of exotic cheeses or a couple of bottles of wine. For a year your husband and his palette, will enjoy this Valentine's gift.

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