Cute Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

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The main ingredient for a special Valentine's Day is love. Chocolates and flowers are always welcomed gifts but go ahead and try something beyond the expected. Being creative will show her that you care enough to put thought and time into her gift. Make it a day that both of you will remember forever.

Bed and Breakfast

Fill a beautiful basket with some of her favorite bath items. Bubble bath, candles, a book, and a romantic CD are a good start. Finish filling the basket with pretty slippers and a plush bathrobe. Complete the day or weekend by telling her that the two of you are going to a romantic Bed and Breakfast.

Coupon Book

Kids make coupon books for their parents because they do not have money to spend. You can make a coupon book for her because you know all the things she would like. A few of her favorite things might be: dinner at a romantic restaurant, an uninterrupted nap, you doing some household chores, joining her on a shopping trip or a visit to her parents' home. The important part of this gift is to let her redeem the coupons with a smile on your face. Do not give a coupon that you cannot cheerfully fulfill.

Night Shirt

Design a bedtime night shirt for her. Select a favorite photo of the two of you and upload it into your computer. Use your computer photo functions to make the necessary size adjustments and enhancements to the image. Purchase iron-on paper from a craft store that is compatible with your printer. To produce an image that is identical to the photo, you will need to change the settings to a reverse image. Print a test image to be certain the size is correct. Once you are satisfied that the image is correct, you can insert the iron-on paper into the printer and print the image. Instructions will be included on the proper procedure to iron the image onto the shirt as well as washing instructions.


A piece of jewelry that is engraved with a "pet" name will be sure to put a smile on her face.

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