Interesting Valentine Gifts for Men


Men love getting gifts on Valentine's Day, just like women. The best thing about selecting a Valentine's Day gift for the man in your life is that it doesn't have to be romantic or lavish or even expensive. If you want to purchase an interesting Valentine's Day for men, start by understanding the man in your life and his interests. Once you understand that, finding the perfect gift will be simple.

Reading Material

If your man loves to read, consider purchasing a couple of magazine subscriptions and a gift card to his favorite online bookstore. This is an interesting Valentine's Day gift for men for a variety of reasons. First, the man in your life won't have to go to the newsstand each and every time the newest issue of his favorite magazine comes out. Second, he will realize that you understand and appreciate his intellectual needs. Giving an avid reader this type of gift shows that you are in tune to what he likes. Men appreciate these well-thought presents over mushy cards and stuffed animals any day.

Bartending Guide

If the man in your life dreams of being a high-profile bartender, but can barely pour his own beer, buy him a bartending guide. This is an interesting Valentine's Day present that can serve a couple of important roles. First, it will show your man that you care about what he wants and support him in any dream he has--no matter how goofy it may seem at the time. Second, you two can try out some of the drinks together and have your own party without going out. After he gets better at mixing drinks, frequenting the bar will be as easy as opening up your liquor cabinet. If your budget allows, you can even purchase all the equipment, such as decorative shot glasses, tumblers, and shakers.


The intellectual man in your life who frequents art shows and appreciates beautiful things will love a distinctive piece of artwork this Valentine's Day. For best results, choose a local up-and-coming artist who is excited about his or her work. Select a piece that you know the man in your life will adore. You could even attend various art events with your man to scope out which artists he likes and what his exact tastes are. If you can, set up a meeting between your man and the artist, so they can discuss the piece of art in detail. This will show your man that you love his taste in art and appreciate his love for all things beautiful. You will also have a great decorative focal point that will look attractive in your home.

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