Valentine Sentimental Gift Ideas

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Bypass the usual chocolate and flowers this year and give your Valentine a truly sentimental gift. This type of gift speaks straight to the heart and relays your true feelings to the love of your life. The type of sentimental gift that your Valentine would like is dependent upon their personality. Here are some ideas to give you a head-start on ideas.

Personalized Music or Videos

Most couples have a favorite song or two. Creating a personalized music CD of all the songs that remind you of your loved one and your relationship. Another option is to make a personalized video. The video can be a montage photos of you and your Valentine set to favorite music, or a video of you telling your Valentine how much you care.

Engraved Items

Engraved items always make sentimental gifts. Many of them are handed down and become family heirlooms. Valentine's Day is a great time to give engraved jewelry, boxes, or cufflinks, among other items. Examples of engravings would be your initials, for married couples, a simple "I love you," or something more elaborate like a poem depending on the size of the piece.


Blow your Valentine away by giving them a scrapbook you created that displays your love and the time you have spent together. Be sure to include pictures, napkins, matchbook covers, cards, letters and anything else that reminds you of time spent with your Valentine.

Start a Tradition

Starting a Valentine's Day tradition with your loved one shows you are in it for the long haul. Ideas include booking a getaway at a romantic bed and breakfast each Valentine's Day, serving your Valentine breakfast in bed, taking your Valentine out to a special restaurant each year, and purchasing a charm bracelet and adding a charm to it each year.


One of the best sentimental gifts you can give your Valentine is planning a trip to a place that is special to him/her. Perhaps your Valentine hasn't seen a much loved relative since childhood? Maybe there is a place where your Valentine vacationed as a youth with their family? Maybe you and your Valentine first met at a place that is hours away---a place you haven't been to since? Planning out trips to these special places will speak volumes to your Valentine and show him/her that you really understand the important moments and places in their life.

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