Cute & Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and have serious time or thought put into them. Handmade gifts are the easiest way to tell someone you care about them and appreciate their contribution to your life. But coming up with that fitting idea can present a challenge. Here are some handmade gift ideas for men that are cute, inexpensive and sure to please.

The Best Way To A Man's Heart...

It is often said that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not give a gift that will do just that? Bake a batch of his favorite cookies (or yours). Or bake him a scrumptious pie. Make some homemade beef jerky, a very manly thing to eat. Caramel popcorn with nuts or M&M's mixed in is always a hit. Since it's Valentines Day, make something that fits the holiday, like pink sugar cookies with conversation hearts on them. Another food idea is to give him a homemade mix for cookies, brownies, or a cake mix that the recipient can mix with the wet ingredients when he gets home. Layering the dry ingredients in a glass jar and then tying a pretty ribbon around the top rim, also makes a visually pleasing gift. Or if you're mixing up things of your own, consider a homemade spice rub that he can use when grilling meat.

Wrap Him in Love

Consider making a gift for the man to wrap up in on those cold days or as he drifts to sleep at night. For a simple blanket, try a no-sew fleece blanket created from two equally sized pieces of fleece that are then cut and tied around the edges, similar to tassels. Or make a quilt from his old T-shirts that he can't wear any more but just can't seem to part with. If you're lucky, this blanket just might be used to snuggle both of you. Is a blanket too big or too personal a gift? Try making a scarf using fleece (another easy no-sew option) or knitting or crocheting a simple scarf.

Musical Gifts

Music can brighten a gloomy day, evoke strong feelings and bring back some memories of days past. It is also a simple gift to make for any man in your life, old or young, lover or friend. Start by picking a theme to your mix. This could be love songs, dance tunes, oldies but goodies, or all songs with a certain word in them (or a name, for that matter). The possibilities are endless if you have access to the Internet, where you can download many of the songs you're looking for. If you have a home computer, chances are you have the capability to create and burn your own CD. If not, check your local library or ask a friend.

Book of Memories

Compile a nice book full of pictures and memories for that man in your life to treasure. Include both of you in the book, or just highlight him and what makes him special to you. Throw in a few enjoyable memories, like movie ticket stubs, special song titles, funny stories, emails, text messages or even letters you or he has written.

A Gift Basket

Create a basketful of things that he loves or will be able to use and enjoy regularly This could include supplies for the office, yummy treats he rarely gets, stationery, a hat or sweatshirt from his favorite sports team, a framed picture of the two of you, candles and lotions.

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