Homemade Valentine Ideas for Guys

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Homemade gifts are the very best and for Valentine's Day they really let your man know that you care enough to put in the time and effort to make an extra special day for him. Men don't need flashy diamonds or elaborate dinners out--all they want are the comforts of home and heart.


Nothing is easier or more thoughtful than a series of Valentine gift certificates you make at home. Using your home computer or even construction paper and markers, create useful gift certificates for things like a back massage, his favorite meal, a day of sports and snacks or anything else you know your man would love. Add photos of the two of you or cutesy clip art to make the certificates more colorful and festive. Put them together in a book or give him one each day for a week before Valentine's Day.

Love Jar

A love jar is a glass jar or vase filled with slips of paper that your man can pick from each day. Slips might include sayings such as, "I love you," or "You are the most handsome man I have ever met," or can be gift certificates that say things like, "This entitles you to a foot massage today." Use colorful origami paper to write out your love slips and fold them before placing in the jar so each selection will be a surprise. Plan a month's worth of notes.


Every man will appreciate a Valentine's Day gift he can savor, and home-baked gifts really show you put the time and effort into making him happy. Whether it's frosted cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies or his favorite steak with heart-shaped biscuits, the old adage is true: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Plan a special menu, print it out and put it in a Valentine's Day card so he can anticipate the delicious treat.

Photo Gift

Perfect for the man who spends a lot of time at his office or away on business, a photo of the two of you in a customized frame will bring you closer when physically far away. Go to a hobby shop to pick up a plain wood picture frame and paint it his favorite color. Add a design or write a personal message such as, "Near or far, you're always in my heart." Include a happy picture of you and your man.


If your man is a music lover and addicted to his MP3 player, download a playlist for him that is filled with pertinent songs from your time together. Go through your own CD collection or download music from an online source and name the playlist "Happy Valentine's Day." Sneak his MP3 player away for a few minutes to upload your playlist onto his device and put a red bow on his player so he knows there is something special waiting for him. Match it up with a gift card to purchase more music to make it extra special.

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Photo by: Cohdra: Morguefile.com

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