Valentine's Day Gifts for Newlyweds

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Newlyweds get excited when Valentine's Day rolls around. It is a holiday where most anything goes, and it can be romantic and sentimental or wild and crazy. Valentine's Day is when the bar is set for most couples when it comes to gifts, and it can also be a time when new traditions are started. Here are some gift ideas for newlyweds to give each other on their special day.

Gifts for Her

A man who wants to give his new bride a Valentine's Day gift should know that it requires more than picking up last-minute flowers and candy on the way home from work. Valentine's Day, especially the first one in the life of a married couple, is a time to show your new wife that you truly love her. Gifts can include a certificate to a local spa for pampering, lingerie or her favorite perfume or a pair of tickets to her favorite play or show. Also, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches and pendants are always adored. Men who want to go above and beyond should also spend time picking out a card that says exactly how he feels about his wife.

Gifts for Him

Women who want to show their new husbands how special they are should choose Valentine's Day gifts that appeal to a man's senses. Gift ideas can include a sexy night at home preparing all of your man's favorite foods (while wearing your sexiest lingerie of course), a gift of fine cigars for a cigar aficionado, an expensive bottle of wine or brandy for the man who enjoys a strong drink on occasion or tickets to his favorite sporting event on a future date.

Gifts of Tradition

The first Valentine's Day for newlyweds can be a time when traditions are set. Couples who love skiing can start a tradition of spending the holiday at a ski resort. Couples who love being pampered can opt to spend the day being pampered at a high-end couple's spa. Those who love the night life may want to spend their Valentine's Day being chauffeured around to a sexy, romantic restaurant and night club. More daring couples may opt to spend the evening taking racy pictures of each other and adding to them each year.

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