Valentine's Day Cards that Children Can Make


Everyone loves to receive a homemade valentine, and children are no different. The thought and care that goes into a homemade card is remembered long after a readymade greeting card is thrown in the garbage. Let your child have some fun this year making his own Valentine cards for family and friends instead of buying cards in a store. The supplies are minimal and cost very little, and the process can provide hours of fun on a cold and snowy winter day.

Laced Heart

Allow your child to cut hearts of any size out of red or pink construction paper. Punch holes about one inch apart, all the way around the outside edge of the heart. Give your child a piece of ribbon and have him thread it through the holes and then tie it in a bow at the top of the heart. Cut a smaller heart out of a piece of paper in a coordinating color and glue it to the center of the laced heart. Place a picture of the child in the center or have him write his own poem or note in the smaller heart.


Draw a rectangle onto a piece of construction paper and then draw a heart at the top of the rectangle. Allow your child to cut the rectangle and heart out of the paper. Make sure she does not cut the heart off the rectangle; it should all be cut as one piece. Provide marker, stickers, glitter and a doily for your child to decorate the card and write a greeting inside the card and on the inside of the heart. Fold the heart down toward the center of the paper so that the top edge is even and then fold the entire card in half. When the card is opened, the heart will pop up to show whatever is written on the inside of it.

Heart People

Give your child several pieces of scrap paper in coordinating reds, pinks and white and have her cut the papers into hearts of different sizes. Once the hearts are cut, tell her to create her own person using the different-sized hearts. The person should have a body, a head, arms or hands and legs or feet. Use plastic eyes, buttons and markers to design the face. Have your child write a note or greeting on the front or back of the body.

Scrapped Card

Allow your child to build his own scrapped card starting with a pre-cut card blank. Provide stickers, doily, fabric swatch, glitter and sequins. Have your child design his own card front with themed designs like hearts, Cupid, love, or even a valentine candy box.

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