Gag Gifts for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day may be about the expression of love, but there's also room for laughs and gags on Feb. 14. Gag gifts can be a great alternative or addition to the traditional flowers and candy presentation. Many options are available, from the mild novelty knickknack to intimate apparel.

Gifts for Friends

Help your friends make it through the "Hallmark Holiday" with the Valentine's Day Survival Guide Pen. A list of survival tips pulls out from the black ink pen to advise the "love struck," "single" and "broken hearted." Give the Magic Frog to Prince for the lady still waiting for Mr. Right. The princess adds water to the frog and he transforms into a miniature Prince Charming. Treat your friend to some eye candy with items featuring prints of sexy guys or girls. Try swimsuit model or hunky guy calendars. Give shot glasses with the preferred sex's silhouette at the bottom. Give gag office supplies such as pens, mouse pads or paper weights that have images you wouldn't want the boss to see.

Gifts for Dating Couples

Look for lighthearted novelty gifts that have a love connection. Instead of giving her intimate clothing, try the Big Momma Undies or the World's Largest Bra, which is over three feet wide. Instead of silk boxers, give him Mooning Shorts, which are boxers with a fake bottom exposed. You can also buy candy necklace bras and panties and edible underwear. Don't worry about flowers wilting with the Forever Bouquet, which is made from paper flowers you cut out and arrange in a pop-out paper vase. Forgo luxurious bath salts and lotions and give Heart Print Toilet Paper instead. The 200-sheet toilet paper is fully functional. If you're not ready for the proposal ring, consider giving the more affordable oversized Diamond Ring Keychain in the meantime.

Gifts for Spouses

Does your spouse ever say she wishes you talked less and listened more? Give her just want she wants with the Inflatable Husband Blow Up Doll. The Inflatable Husband comes in his own gift box, complete with user manual. Husband is shirtless and stands three feet tall. Inflatable wives are also available. Give your husband more power with the Control Your Woman Talking Remote. The remote features 18 sayings such as "Feed me" and "Alright, hand over the credit cards." The remote has controls to lower the woman's standards and turn up the woman's acceptance and tolerance. The Control Your Man Talking Remote is also available with commands such as "The queen speaketh" and "Whoa, ever hear of foreplay?"

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