Valentine Gifts for My Wife

On Valentine's Day, a wife expects her husband to buy her a gift that shows love, thoughtfulness and knowledge of her tastes and preferences. Some gift ideas are more obvious, but if chosen with care, even the obvious gifts can prove to a wife that her husband knows her better than anyone else in the world. The type of gift you choose will depend on your wife's personal tastes and preferences, and only you can know which type of gift your wife will appreciate the most.


An old favorite, giving jewelry never gets old. Go to your local department stores or jewelry stores to view their jewelry selections. A thoughtful Valentine's jewelry gift idea is a silver or gold charm bracelet with each charm representing something relating to your lives together. For example, if you are both fans of live music, buy a guitar charm, or if you like to garden together, look for a spade charm. If your wife has any body piercings, look in your local piercing store for decorative bars or rings, perhaps even containing a precious stone such as a ruby or an emerald.


Rather than sticking to her usual perfume, surprise your wife by picking out something you know she will love, but wouldn't normally pick out for herself. If she usually wears a floral scent, ask the sales assistant at your local department store or perfumery for suggestions on a more musky scent that will complement your wife's taste. Contrarily, if she usually wears a more woodsy scent, purchase a fragrance that offers both floral and woodsy tones. Whenever she wears her new fragrance she will be reminded of your thoughtfulness and love for her.


A gift for both of you, buy some stylish yet sexy lingerie that will make her feel beautiful. If she is self-conscious about her body, look for a style that will flatter rather than make her feel exposed. The best way to do this is it ask the sales assistant, who will be able to recommend a number of styles that will make your wife feel like a goddess this Valentine's Day. Choose classic styles, such as matching bra and underwear sets, or a pair of silk stockings. Alternatively, choose a floating nightgown made from a soft material such as chiffon or silk, that will flow around her as she walks and make her feel feminine and soft. The best places to buy stylish lingerie are either specialty lingerie stores such as Victoria's Secret, or department stores such as Macy's.

Gift Cards

Buy your wife a gift card to her favorite clothing or makeup store. Some women might find this an impersonal gift, whereas others will love the opportunity to be able to pick out new clothes and makeup. Gift cards can be purchased from the store in question, or also online.

Framed Photo

Pick out your favorite wedding photo of the two of you and get it printed at your local photo printing store, pharmacy or grocery store to fit a larger frame, such as an 8-by-10-inch frame. Write a note explaining why it is your favorite photo, and your best memories of your wedding day. She will love the personalized gift, as well as the memories it will bring.

Spa Day

If your wife leads a stressful life, she will appreciate a gift certificate for a day of pampering at your local spa. You can purchase gift certificates from certain websites (see Resources) that are accepted at thousands of spas across the U.S. Sign her up for massages, facials or manicures to make her feel like a queen for a day. To find a spa, look in your phone book or go to a spa-finding website (also in Resources). The name of the spa will depend on your location, as the majority of spas are locally owned and run.

A Poem or Painting

If you are the creative type, consider putting your talents to good use. Whether you're an aspiring poet, or have a knack for painting, giving her a homemade gift will really show your wife how much you love her. She will know that you spent time and effort on creating the perfect Valentine's gift just for her, and no one else will have one.


Buy your wife a Valentine's gift that's sure to please--a bunch of flowers. Flowers can be purchased from a number of locations, from grocery stores to gas stations to specialty florist stores. Pick a bouquet with her favorite flowers, such as roses, lilies or daisies, and have the florist place them in a special vase. Your wife will be able to display your gift for days, or even weeks, and she's guaranteed to smile every time she sees them.

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