Valentine Balloons Gift Ideas for Men


We love the men in our lives and want to get them the perfect Valentine's gift. There are many things that you can get the man in your life for Valentine's Day, whether he is your husband, father or son. And there is no other creative way of giving that gift than in a balloon. Many party stores as well as floral shops will place items that you want to give your loved one at Valentine's Day inside the balloon. Sounds crazy, but it's true, and it is memorable.


Give your husband a romantic getaway for just the two of you for Valentine's Day. Gather brochures and pictures of the place you will be going, along with airline tickets, and have them placed inside a large heart balloon with a stuffed animal. Buy your husband a new watch with a personal message inscribed on the back, specially written by you. Then place the watch on the wrist of a fuzzy teddy bear and have it placed inside a large balloon. You can also add a special card to go along with it.


Find a picture of you and your dad when you were small. Frame it and put it inside a balloon. Along with the picture, fill the balloon with things that remind you of your dad, such as a blanket, symbolizing security and warmth. Or maybe you can put a new coffee mug that says "World's Best Dad" on it, along with a bag of his favorite coffee beans inside. If your dad likes to play golf, purchase some golf gift certificates at his favorite club and place them inside the balloon with a set of new golf balls and tees.


Give your son a new iPod along with a gift certificate to iTunes so that he can purchase and download all of his favorite music. Place the iPod and gift certificate, along with a t-shirt of his favorite band on it, inside a large balloon. Or give him gift certificates to his favorite restaurant or club along with a prepaid debit card to help gas up his car. Some other fun Valentine's Day gift ideas for your son might be concert tickets, airplane tickets to visit home (if he is in college or living away from home), or variety of his favorite movies.

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