Valentine Gifts for Single Girls

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Sometimes, buying Valentine's Day gifts for single girls can be easier than buying gifts for girls who are in relationships. Valentine's Day gifts for single girls should be fun and remind them of what good catches they are, even if they're not taken. Below are a number of gift ideas, which you can adjust to fit the unique personality of your friend.

Gifts to Match Specific Girls

The best Valentine's Day gifts are thoughtful and usually hold a special significance for the recipient. Keep their personality and what they like in mind: Perhaps they love going out and having a good time, are more of a homebody, love getting pampered and makeup, or have a killer sweet tooth. If you're buying for a girl who likes to party, consider a book that lists all the hot spots and best restaurants in her area (you can look up the assortment that restaurant review sites offer). Tickets to a show, a concert or a play also are good ideas. If your single friend enjoys staying in, you can buy her a DVD (movie or her favorite show) and some snacks to go along with it. For the girl who loves beauty products, there are numerous makeup and perfume gift sets which come in fun themes and are budget friendly. Candy is a classic choice. Rather than buying an everyday box of chocolates, you can indulge your friend with an assortment of her favorite sweets.

Gifts All Girls Love

Other gifts, suitable for any single girls include: flowers, certificates (think car wash, manicure and pedicure), candle sets and gift baskets. Many of the specialty stores that girls love have gift baskets that are already made or they allow you to choose items and create your own basket. Stores like Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop and Sephora are a few examples. Fun and decorative items, like picture frames, something for their room or dorm, costume jewelry and stuffed animals also are safe bets.

Additional Gift Ideas

A lot of stores and online retailers offer personalized gift options where you can include the recipient's name or picture on items like tee shirts, candy, teddy bears and more (see links below). Bookstores are another great resource for gifts, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day. You can buy her an entertaining read, like a book on love spells and potions, funny pick-up lines, worst date stories, and more. Along those lines, novelty shops usually have a section devoted to funny Valentine gifts, which will put a smile on any single girl's face. Attaching something like grow your own boyfriend kit or other gag gift, always adds a fun touch.

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