Homemade Valentine Present Ideas


Homemade Valentine's Day presents will put less of a dent in your wallet than ones you buy in a store. But more importantly, your partner will be touched by the time you invested in creating the gifts.


Whip up a batch of your sweetheart's favorite peanut butter cookies, a tray of chocolate cupcakes or a heart-shaped red velvet cake covered in butter cream icing.


Write your boyfriend a love letter that tells him what makes him special to you. Create a poem that relates how much you love him or design your own Valentine's e-card online.


Burn a CD or compile a digital play list of the songs that express your love for your girlfriend. Write liner notes that explain why each track reminds you of her.


Put your fingers to use: Knit a sweater or a scarf, stitch together a blanket made from old clothes or sew patches of his favorite bands on his jeans.

Romantic Scene

Put together a romantic scene for your wife. Give her a massage in the tub while soft music plays and candles glow. Take her stargazing by the ocean with a bottle of wine. Or make popcorn, build a fire and snuggle under a blanket while watching movies.


Do a major chore your spouse dislikes such as organizing the closets, cleaning the garage, maintaining the pool or washing the car. He'll appreciate you doing the task for him.


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