What Is a Good Valentine's Gift to Give a Girl?


Valentine's Day is controversial subject for many. Some say it is a holiday created by greeting card companies, some say it's corny but fun and others count down the days as if it were Christmas. In order to know what kind of gift you should give, you have to ask yourself, "What kind of girl do I have, and how can I make her happy?"

The Personality

Regardless of whether a girl is into the idea of Valentine's Day, virtually every one loves surprises, gifts and attention from the man she loves. Capture the essence and personality of your significant other and use it to complement your own. If your girl hates Valentine's Day, but you both love jokes and gag gifts, you could present her with dead flowers and go see a horror film. If you both love surprises, show up at her door with dessert and tell her she has to surprise you with the dinner spot. The goal is to just have fun.

The Date

Time spent with your loved one is a gift in itself. A gift without a date can seem thoughtless even if you put real thought into the gift. To come up with a good idea for a date, think of things you and your girl both love to do. If you're both very active, schedule a day of hiking. If you both love cooking, prepare a dinner and dessert together. Think of how you two first met. Where were you and what were you doing? Try to revisit that day together.

The Gift

Every gift is a great gift when it is a surprise. Never ask your girl what she wants for Valentine's Day. Girls know when gift-giving time is near, and they will drop hints, so listen for them. If you have not picked up on any hints, think about what the girl has been complaining about recently or what seems to be bothering her the most. Perhaps there is an item she needs that she cannot afford at that moment, like a new camera or dresser drawer. If you are particularly handy, you could build or restore something for her. If something of hers in broken, have it fixed. But always try to ensure that it is a complete surprise. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most thoughtful, especially when it comes to Valentine's Day.

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