Boy's Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

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People often think of Valentine's Day as a girl's holiday, yet little boys love celebrating the holiday too. Boys may not appreciate receiving gifts full of ruffles and bows, but that does not mean that you should forgo presents. You can let your little boy know how much he means to you by giving him Valentine's Day gifts that are not too girl-oriented, yet are still loving.

Candy Care Package With a Note

Almost all little boys love to eat candy, so a Valentine's Day candy care package with a note might be the perfect gift for your son. Cover an old shoe box with Valentine's Day wrapping paper featuring your son's favorite cartoon character. Fill the box with chocolate hearts, valentine gummy candy and other special treats. Use a small piece of tag board, Valentine's Day message hearts and a hot glue gun to write a special note to your son.

Framed Superhero

Print or draw a picture of your son's favorite cartoon superhero. Next, carefully cut your son's head out from a picture where he is smiling and attach it to the body of the superhero. You might need to do a little trimming to make sure that your son's face looks like it matches the superhero's body. Once you are satisfied with your creation, head to the frame store. Purchase a clear acrylic frame without a border and place your creation inside of it. Wrap your son's Valentine's Day gift in coordinating wrapping paper and include a valentine, signed by you. Be sure to tell your son why you think he is a superhero when you present him with his gift.

Valentine Plant Kit

Purchase a small terracotta pot from your local greenhouse. Use Valentine's Day stickers to decorate the pot and then seal with clear acrylic paint. Once dry, fill the pot with potting soil and include a pouch with some seeds for your son's favorite flower or vegetable. Present your son with his plant kit and a valentine from you explaining how to care for his new plant and watch it grow.

Valentine Baked Goods

Make a batch of Valentine's Day cookies or cupcakes. Decorate your creations with lively colored frosting and place them in a Valentine's Day themed tin or box. Print the recipe onto a recipe card and include in an envelope along with a valentine for your son. Let him know that you'd like to have a parent-son cooking day in the kitchen where you can teach him how to make a batch of goodies on his own.

Fondue Fun

Chocolate dip and fruit can be a fun gift for a little boy to share with his friends on Valentine's Day. Choose red-themed fruits such as strawberries or raspberries and set them on a platter. Heat some chocolate fondue just until melted and then let your son and his friends enjoy a special Valentine's Day treat while watching some afternoon cartoons. Be sure to set the fondue up in an area that is easy to clean, as chocolate can stain and get a bit messy.

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