Valentine Ideas for Kids to Give to Their Parents


Meaningful gift ideas can help children express their appreciation for the love and support their parents provide every day. Even kids with a limited budget can buy or make a Valentine's Day gift that parents will treasure. Use basic craft supplies to create or customize a present that coincides with each parent's tastes and interests.

Create a Coupon Book

Make parents a set of coupons they can redeem with you throughout the year. Use markers and stickers to make creative tickets that state you'll clean your room, help make dinner, wash the car, walk the dog or stay off the telephone for an entire night, for example. Also include love-related coupons for Valentine's Day such as offers for one hug, an uninterrupted talk or a family game night.

Design a Custom Door Hanger

Moms and dads can let family members know when they need a little quiet or privacy with a personalized door hanger. Buy a plain wood door hanger at a craft store and coat it with acrylic paint in your parent's favorite color. When the hanger is dry, decorate it with stickers, a small photo or rubber-stamped designs. Use small letter stickers to add a message like, "Shh: Dad Is Reading" or "Quiet: Mom Is on the Phone."

Arrange a Babysitter

Give parents the opportunity to celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day alone by arranging a babysitter for the night. Enlist the assistance of a regular sitter, a trusted neighbor or a relative who will not only offer to babysit, but also help make reservations at your parents' favorite restaurant. Gather activities like board games and movies to assure your parents that you'll have plenty to do while they're away.

Spruce Up Office Supplies

Parents who are constantly making lists or jotting notes while on the phone will appreciate decorated notepads and pens. Decorate plain letter-sized notepads by cutting a piece of decorative cardstock or wrapping paper to cover the binding across the top of the pad. Affix it with gluestick or double-sided tape and then add dimensional accents like paper flowers, self-adhesive gems or foam shapes across the top. Make a coordinating pen by trimming a piece of the same paper to fit over the pen barrel. Cover the sides of the pen with double-sided tape to securely attach the paper.

Give Small Gifts With Big Meaning

Show parents how much you know about their hobbies by giving them an assortment of little gifts that reflect their interests. For example, golfers may appreciate a box of golf balls and tees, while scrapbookers can always use adhesives, photo-safe pens and basic letter stickers. Also consider presenting a gift card to a specialty hobby shop in a simple handmade card with a heartfelt Valentine's Day message.

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