Valentine's Gifts for Guy Friends

While romance is heavily marketed as a reason to purchase gifts for Valentine's Day, not every gift has to be a romantic gift. Sometimes, there is someone in your life for whom you may wish to purchase a Valentine's gift, but do not have romantic feelings toward. In other situations, you may have just recently met this guy, and would like to indicate your feelings for him as a friend but don't want to purchase a gift that would make him feel you were pressuring him into a relationship.

Toasting Glasses

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your male friend with a bottle of wine that you both enjoy. Personalize the experience by presenting him with a Valentine's Day gift of engraved wine glasses or champagne flutes with his name on them. If wine is not his thing, purchase a six pack of his favorite beer, and a personalized beer stein.

Message In A Bottle

Chiff recommends presenting your male friend with a message in a bottle. This gift can presented from a female to a male friend, or even between two male friends. Find a bottle that he would enjoy receiving. This could be an empty bottle of his favorite wine or beer, or just one that has an appealing appearance. Write a note to him, and leave the top sticking out of the top of the bottle so he can retrieve the note. This note can express your appreciation of him as a friend, or any further interest you may have in him. It can also be a note thanking him for something he has done recently for you, or just a note to lift his spirits if he has been in a romantic relationship that ended recently.


Watches vary greatly from design to functionality. Choose one that meets the needs of your male friend. Some examples of different watches including dress watches for professional office environments to athletic watches with multiple timers. There are even watches that will store mp3 music files and play them. MyDearValentine recommends watches as a gift idea for male friends as a gift of friendship.

Gift of Music

Purchasing a gift for him that matches his musical taste is recommended by This could include a CD of his favorite band, or music videos by that band on a DVD. Another option would be a gift card that allows him to download his favorite music from websites such as iTunes, Emusic, or other websites where he can pay for songs as he downloads them.

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