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Valentine's gift boxes make great presents for your kids on Valentine's Day. Instead of spending a lot of money on one expensive gift, put together a box full of creative smaller presents that let them know how much you care. By thinking along a theme, you will have your Valentine's Day gift boxes stuffed and ready to give to your kids in no time.

Valentine's Day Craft Box

Cover a medium-sized box with craft-themed wrapping paper found at your local craft store. Fill the box with crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter, and other art supplies. Print some Valentine's Day craft ideas from the Internet and include them inside the box as well. Put a bow on top of the box and enclose a heart-shaped construction paper valentine from you to the kids, explaining what their Valentine's Day craft box is for and encouraging them to have fun letting their imaginations run wild.

Valentine's Day Spa Box

Valentine's Day spa boxes can be perfect for little girls that enjoy a bit of pampering. Cover a medium-sized box in pink or glittery wrapping paper. Fill the inside of the box with inexpensive beauty items found at the dollar store or on clearance. Consider including pedicure sets, inflatable bath pillows, bubble bath, lotion, face masks, and body spray. Glue pink marabou feathers on the front of a construction paper heart. On the back, write a Valentine's Day message to the girls instructing them to have an evening of pampering on you. Place the marabou card on the outside of the box, along with a nice puffy bow.

Valentine's Day Gardening Box

Valentine's Day gardening boxes make great gifts for outdoorsy children. Cover the outside of your medium sized box in wrapping paper with an earthy theme. Fill the box with a small bag of potting soil, some containers for starting seedlings, a small shovel, and a few packets of seeds. Include instructions for using the materials to start seedlings to be planted in their very own vegetable garden as the weather warms. Starting seeds indoors in February will allow the plants to be strong enough for transplanting when the weather warms, meaning a faster yield. Create a valentine using natural materials such as straw, sticks, and leaves, and write to the kids about sharing the love you have for them with the earth.

Valentine's Day Movie Box

Valentine's Day movie boxes can be great gifts for kids that are on the go. Cover your medium-sized box with movie-themed wrapping paper. Inside the box, include a Valentine's Day movie, a popcorn bowl, a few bags of microwave popcorn, some bottles of juice or soda, and some movie-theater-style candy boxes bought from the dollar store. Place a valentine from you to the kids inside the box, letting them know that their normal evening activities have been canceled and that they can take the evening to relax, munch, and enjoy some entertainment without a care in the world.

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