Bag Gift Ideas for Valentine's

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Using bags for gift giving is a great way to combine a variety of fun items that are tailored to the tastes of the gift recipient. Valentine's Day brings the opportunity for you to design bag gifts for a significant other or close friends. Choose a theme for the items in the gift and display them in a pink or red bag with tissue to create an ideal Valentine's Day gift for someone special.

Chocolate-Themed Bag Gift

If you are giving a gift to a chocolate lover, this is an ideal theme for Valentine's Day. While this gift is most often appropriate for women, it can be tailored to men by selecting fewer or masculine-scented beauty products as well as more food-related items. For something different, choose boxes or bars of chocolates that are more unique such as dark chocolate with savory spices like chili peppers. A gift certificate to a local or online chocolate store, or handmade chocolates you have created yourself are good ideas, too. Chocolate-flavored lip balms, lotions and perfumes can be included. If the recipient has a favorite chocolate company, seek out a book about the company or a cookbook using their products. If you live in an area that often offers food events, check to see if you can find tickets to a dessert tasting, which is sure to involve a lot of chocolate.

Cooking-Themed Bag Gift

If you have a cook in your life, a bag gift focused on this theme is simple to put together and offers some exciting new things for the recipient. Choose small, inexpensive kitchen gadgets from a local cooking store and pick up a gift certificate while you are there to include in the bag. Kitchen soaps and lotions are a good idea, as well as decorative scrubbers or sponges, specialty knives and cutting boards. Silicon hot pads and grippers can be included as well. Check out your local bookstore for new cookbooks to include, and if the cook in your life has a special interest in a cuisine or cooking style check to see if classes or lessons are available and include that as a gift certificate or coupon in your bag gift. To focus on your relationship consider arranging to take the classes or lessons together.

Exercise-Themed Bag Gift

Creating an exercise- or athletic-themed gift is a lot of fun for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. Include new running socks, a running hat and a new sports watch. If the person typically listens to their iPod during workouts, throw in a gift card of iTunes to add to their playlist. A new water bottle makes a good addition to the bag and pick up the latest issue of a fitness magazine if you know they don't already have a subscription. In addition, if you know there is a class or lessons in town they've wanted to try out such as a form of yoga, Pilates, a dance class or golf lessons, purchase a gift certificate that will cover a few classes to get them started and consider arranging to take the classes together to build your relationship.

Spa-Themed Bag Gift

Relaxation can be romantic and is often associated with Valentine's Day, which makes a spa-themed gift bag a great idea. You can include things to help the recipient relax at home as well as a gift certificate to a nearby spa for a special facial treatment or massage. You can include a manicure set, lotions, candles and the newest book focused on meditation, relaxation or stress relief. If you are giving the gift to a man, simply choose aftershave lotions and items with a more masculine scent.

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