Valentine Cookie Packaging Ideas

Swirls of sugary pink icing atop heart-shaped cookies make an irresistible handmade Valentine treat. Decorated cellophane bags are a traditional packaging option, but they lack personality. Creative, customized packaging for your Valentine cookies gives them an appealing presentation that stands out for its originality, and adds to the "wow factor" of your simple yet heartfelt gift.

Candy Box

Heart candy boxes are a classic symbol of Valentine's Day gift-giving. Surprise the recipient by loading an empty heart candy box with homemade cookies. She'll be pleasantly surprised to find the decorated cookies made just for her. Save this year's heart chocolate box for next year's Valentine cookies for a cheap but impressive packaging option. You can also buy a new box and leave some of the chocolate in the box. Nestle the cookies amidst the chocolates to give the recipient the best of both treats. A bow in a coordinating color keeps the lid in place.

Take-Out Box

Take-out boxes are popular gift wrap options and they're ideal for small parcels of cookies on Valentine's Day. Look for take-out-style boxes at craft stores in the gift wrap section. Many sell seasonal boxes around Valentine's Da, so you won't have to do much decorating. Another option is to buy a plain take-out box and decorate it with scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon, glitter and other embellishments. Tuck the cookies inside, close the lid and the package is ready for delivery.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are another inexpensive cookie-wrapping option. Craft stores sell them in many colors, in addition to the traditional brown. Add your own embellishments with paint, decorative paper and stickers. Place the cookies in a plastic food storage bag before putting them in the decorative paper bag to keep them fresh. Fold over the top of the bag a few times and punch two holes in the folded part. Thread ribbon through the two holes and tie it into a bow to finish off the packaging.

Flower Pot

Flower pots provide a reusable cookie-packaging option. Once the cookies are gone, the recipient can use it to plant some flowers or fresh herbs. You can even tuck a packet of seeds in with the cookies as an added gift. Terracotta pots work well and are relatively inexpensive at most craft stores. Paint the outside of the pot in a Valentine theme to make it more attractive. Wrap the cookies in cellophane before placing them into the pot to keep them fresh and clean.

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine envelopes are translucent pouches that resemble wax paper. The envelopes work well for wrapping individual Valentine cookies. The cookies stay fresh and protected, and the recipient can see the festive decorations without opening them. Add a sticker or ribbon to accent the glassine envelope packaging. Most craft stores sell these envelopes in different sizes.

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