Heart Shaped Valentine Cookie Ideas

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Heart shaped Valentine cookies are a tradition for Valentine's Day. Bakeries often sell out of the sweet treats and lots of people make their own at home. Try one or more of the following variations on the traditional heart shaped Valentine cookie. These options will certainly please anyone out to win your heart--or maybe just your cookies.

Double Up

Create heart-shaped sandwich cookies by doubling the heart cookies and spreading a delicious filling between the two. Rather than decorating the cookies in the traditional reds and pinks associated with the holiday, go bold with chocolate. Spread dark chocolate frosting between two sugar or shortbread hearts. Spread white icing on the outside of one of the hearts, and sprinkle with shaved dark chocolate. Shave chocolate easily by using a vegetable peeler or kitchen grater.

Cookie on a Stick

Cut heart shapes from rolled chocolate chip cookie dough. Before baking, insert a lollipop stick at the base of each cookie. Once the cookies have cooled for about a minute, sprinkle confectioner's sugar over the tops of them. Wrap each cookie individually in decorative cellophane (available at craft supply stores) and tie with a pink or red ribbon.

Paint Your Hearts

Cut out heart shapes from sugar cookie dough. Before they go into the oven, mix up some cookie paint, and have fun designing each cookie. You may even write your own Valentine's Day message on the cookies if you wish. Bake the cookies as directed after painting. The recipe for the cookie paint is quite basic. Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. of water and enough food coloring to achieve the exact shade of color you want. Use a brand new, clean artist's paintbrush to decorate the heart-shaped Valentine cookies.

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