About Vegan Valentine's Chocolates & Candy

About Vegan Valentine's Chocolates & Candy image by danesteffes iStockphoto
About Vegan Valentine's Chocolates & Candy image by danesteffes iStockphoto


Vegan Valentine-wrapped treats are decadent, without gelatin, milk fat, eggs, beeswax or processed sugar. Vegan chocolate and candies can be alternatives for traditional Valentine sweets, like Hersey's kisses or Necco's conversational sweethearts.


Recognize vegan chocolates and candies by product brands such as Allison's, Pangea, Dagoba or Enjoy Life. Candies endorsed by The Vegan Society (UK), The Vegan Society (U.S.) and PETA.


There are assorted filled truffles contained in chocolate-made boxes, and dark and Belgian chocolate infused with ingredients like essential oils and lavender. Candies include raspberry red licorice hearts, fruit jellies and lollipops.


Chocolate can be filled with creams, crunchy nuts, nougats, cherries, strawberries and/or goji berries. Vegan candies are prepared with coconut milk, organic brown rice syrup, beet sugar or green tea.


Look for chocolate and candy sweetened with beet sugar or organic brown rice syrup.


Vegan chocolate and candy are delicious and healthy, without animal products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Most are hand-made or hand-dipped. They are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and mostly fair trade certified.


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Photo by: danesteffes iStockphoto

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