Valentine Party Foods


Valentine's day is easily a holiday of both love and food. Whether it be a romantic one-on-one dinner or a party for young kids, Valentine's day food tends to follow similar trends. It's easy to put together special foods for this special day.

Valentine's Day Origin

Valentine's day is February 14th of every year. The holiday started as a recognition of St. Valentine, but has grown to become a holiday without religious connotations.


Valentine's day party foods do not have to be sweet; they can be savory. Romantic is the key phrase when thinking about the day, so consider cutting your foods into heart shapes. A simple romantic meal featuring steak is a staple of a special Valentine's day.


Sweet Valentine's day party foods can be as simple as decorated cupcakes or as large as decorated cakes. Chocolate is generally a staple for Valentine's day; create your own chocolates for an original take on the box of chocolates.


No Valentine's day party would be complete without the simple snacks that have become a tradition. Candy conversation hearts and candy necklaces are fun ways to bring that fun nature of Valentine's day to a party.


If you are hosting a Valentine's day party, consider giving a gift as a party favor for guests. By using a small basket or gift bag, you can give each guest a fun bag to take home. Consider small, store bought candies and store bought Valentine's day cards for a nostalgic touch.


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