Easy Valentine's Day Desserts for Kids

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Valentine's Day is a day to show how much you love and care for people. Common gifts are chocolates, flowers and cards, however, who can resist homemade desserts made by you and the kids? Try these sweet and savory recipes and see which ones become family favorites.

Valentine Tortilla Roll-ups

Invite the children to spread softened cream cheese and strawberry jam onto a tortilla. Help them to roll the tortilla into a log. With plastic knives, the children can cut the log into sections and enjoy this sweet and savory duo.

Heart Cupcakes

Take your favorite cake mix and make the batter as directed. Prepare a muffin tin with paper liners and place a marble or crumpled ball of aluminum foil between the liner and the tin. These cupcakes will bake with an indention so they will look like a heart. Remove the marbles carefully as they will be hot. Frost the cupcakes and decorate as desired.

Red Gelatin

Don't forget this old favorite kids will enjoy. Prepare red gelatin, the traditional version or sugar-free; if you are pressed for time, prepackaged containers work well, too. Top with a mound of whipped cream and red or pink sprinkles.

Valentine Pizza

Making a heart-shaped pizza is easy when using prepackaged "slice and bake" cookie dough. Slice the roll into 1/4-inch slices and place together on the cookie sheet to create a heart shape. Press the edges together until you have one large heart pizza. Bake according to directions to reach a light golden brown color. Cool and frost with vanilla frosting tinted pink using red food coloring. The best part is decorating this pie with valentine candy. Slice like a pizza and serve.

Stawberry Fruit Pie

Fill a prepackaged graham cracker pie crust with a can of strawberry pie filling and top with dollops of whipped topping. Invite the children to decorate the pie with candy conversation hearts. NECCO conversation hearts date back to 1902 and feature sayings such as "Be Mine," "Kiss Me" and "Sweet Talk." Today you will find the sayings have gone tech with "Email Me" and "Fax Me." Cool this conversational dessert in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving.

Valentine Wreath

Coat the bottom of a Bundt pan with a nonstick spray and then sprinkle red candy hearts on the bottom of the pan. Together with the kids, make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats (following the directions on the cereal box) except for adding a few drops of red food coloring to the butter and marshmallow mixture. Let the children help you press this mixture into the pan. Flip it out carefully on a cake plate to see a beautiful wreath with hearts on it.

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