Cake Decoration Ideas for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is an ancient celebration that commemorates love, romance and passion. The holiday is often a time to propose marriage, start a new relationship or attend a dinner to pay tribute to one's life partner. Many people have dinner at a restaurant or prepare a special meal at home. A good meal often ends on sweet note. A lovingly homemade cake is an ideal way to put the final delicious touch on any home-cooked meal.

Put Your Heart Into It

Create a cake in the shape of a heart. Hearts have long been one of the symbols of Valentine's Day. Purchase a heart-shaped cake mold. There are many available on the market around this holiday, and they're also sold on the Internet. You can also commission a special mold at a local pastry shop or even a hardware store. Use a basic recipe for yellow cake. Butter and flour the mold before you pour the cake batter into it. Bake in an oven until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Frost the cake with white icing. Fondant looks nice but can be hard to work with if you are not an experienced baker. Top the frosting with heart-shaped candies in a decorative pattern. Add red sprinkles all around the sides and top.

Red and Pink

Make a red and pink cake. Pink and red are the traditional colors of Valentine's Day. Create a cake that reminds people instantly of the holiday when they see it. Start with a red velvet cake. Cut it up into three layers. Thickly coat each layer with strawberry icing. Top the cake with icing that has been tinted with pink food coloring. Make the icing pink by mixing a small amount of red food coloring into white icing. Experiment until you find a color you like. Light-pink icing will look best. Top the iced cake with tiny cinnamon candies and fresh strawberries.

Flower Power

Say it with flowers. Flowers are often given for Valentine's Day. A customary Valentine's Day gift is a dozen red roses. Many flowers are edible. Some even have sweet flavors that can complement any cake. Use flowers as inspiration and decoration for a cake. Purchase or commission a simple molding that will let you bake a flower-shaped cake. Bake a standard cake. Top it with white icing and smooth out the sides. Scatter the petals of flowers that can be eaten on top. Use pink and white chrysanthemums, small bits of lavender flowers, red pineapple sage and roses. Make sure every petal has been cleaned first.

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