Ideas for Decorating a Child's Valentine Box

Making a Valentine box for collecting Valentine cards and candies is one of childhood's joys. Make decorating a Valentine's box is a fun activity to share with your children or a classroom. A good-looking Valentine box is personalized and utilizes a child's artistic ability.

Heart Personal Photos

Snap a photo of your child wearing her best Valentine sweater. Print it and add the picture to the top of the box. Cut out a construction paper heart border to tape or staple around the picture. Use red or pink construction paper for the frame. Alternatively, you could use paper lace as a border. Add another picture of your child to the front of the box, and place a border around it too.

Conversation Hearts

Glue candy conversation hearts around the edges of your Valentine box. Use white school glue or a hot glue gun. Have your child alternate the heart colors throughout the candy border. Glue conversation hearts around the card opening for a sweet decoration.

Flower-Covered Box

Clip dozens of bright pink silk daisies or roses from their bushes. Use a hot glue gun to cover the entire top of the Valentine box. Avoid covering the opening of the box. Use daisies and then glue tiny hearts in the centers of the flower. Alternatively, your child could draw and cut out dozens of flowers from construction paper and then glue them to the box. Older children could use tissue paper and make tissue paper flowers to glue on the box.

Dangling Heart Border

Staple or tape a dangling heart border around the edges of the box lid. This border could be red, pink or even black. Visit a party supply store to find some heart garland to glue around the lid. Punch a hole in two, 3-inch-diameter hearts. String yarn through the holes, and glue the string around the center edge of the box.

Stickers and Stamps

Give your child sheets of Valentine stickers in varying sizes. Let him add large stickers to the base of the box. Add the smaller stickers to the top lid of the Valentine box. Foil and metallic stickers look good. Hearts, flowers and lips are good sticker choices too. Heart and flower stamps are good for stamping a box too. Choose stamps that self ink so that children do not get ink all over them.

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