How to Make a Heart Balloon Arch

How to Make a Heart Balloon Arch


Creating a heart-shaped balloon arch is an excellent way to decorate for a special party or event. If you can find a heart frame, and if you can inflate and tie balloons, you can make a heart balloon arch. This type of decoration is ideal for a wedding, anniversary, prom or Valentine's Day. Make them large enough to frame a doorway or dance floor.

How to Make a Heart Balloon Arch

Step 1

Inflate your balloons using the balloon pump.

Step 2

Attach all your balloons together in groups of two by tying their knots together.

Step 3

Take two sets of two balloons and hold them so that the knots are on either side of the heart frame. You can start on either side.

Step 4

Twist the balloons together with the frame in the middle. Twist the balloons several times until they are securely attached to the frame. Slide the balloons down the frame until the cluster is at the base.

Step 5

Repeat steps three and four until the heart-shaped frame is completely covered with balloons. Each time you attach a balloon cluster, you should slide the cluster along the frame until it is right up against the previous cluster. When you are done, you should not be able to see in between the balloons.

Tips and Warnings

  • The heart balloon arch frame may need to be ordered online if you don't have a balloon supply store within driving distance, so check into that ahead of time to ensure you can receive the frame in time for your event. You might be able to rent the heart frame for a fraction of the purchase price. Check with a party supply store,

Things You'll Need

  • 18-inch round latex balloons
  • Heart balloon arch frame
  • Balloon pump

Who Can Help

  • online balloon resource
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