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Balloon decorations are a great way to decorate for any type of event. Balloons are not just for kids' birthday parties anymore! With the vast array of balloon sculptures, walls and more, the possibilities are endless for the event planner.


The primary function of balloon decorations is a simple one. They decorate an event. Some balloon decorations may create an archway for guests to walk through while others are a simple centerpiece. The use may be as simple as a few tied to a mailbox to identify a party house or as elaborate as a backdrop made completely of balloons. Balloons create a party atmosphere and encourage a sense of fun.


There are two main types of balloons. Latex balloons are the more traditional balloon.They are made out of a thin latex rubber that expands as air fills it. The other material is called Mylar, which is a thin flexible polyester film. Latex balloons come in a variety of colors while Mylar balloons are usually a shiny color with a decorative graphic. Latex balloons are usually round while Mylar balloons can come in all sorts of shapes. Most Mylar balloons are filled with helium. Latex balloons may be filled with a variety or gases and still hold their shape.


Because of the choking hazard, always supervise children if they are blowing up balloons. If balloons are being used around small children, be sure to clean up a balloon immediately if it bursts. A child may choke on the latex. Also, keep balloons away from heat because they may burst. If latex balloons are overfilled, they may pop loudly. This noise can scare people, especially small children.


Balloons come in all different sizes. The balloon size should vary with the different decorations. For example, small balloons should be used to create table centerpieces while large balloon sculptures could be used to mark an entrance or a stage. Balloons may be tied together and "sculpted" to make a variety of decorations. It's fun to experiment and let your creative mind think of all the ways in which balloons may be used.


Decorating with balloons is easy and inexpensive.

Fun Facts

Actor Brendan Fraser, star of "The Mummy," enjoys creating balloon sculptures and working with balloon decorations as a hobby. He appeared on "The Bonnie Hunt Show" on January 23, 2009, to demonstrate his unique talent. Fraser actually worked as a balloon artist before launching his successful Hollywood career.

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