Valentine Mailbox Craft Ideas


It's all about the love on Valentine's Day. You can use a box of any size or shape to make a mailbox for those messages of love. Decorate it with traditional colors of pink, red and white, or go modern with stainless-steel silvery paint and blue-and-silver anime stickers.

Oatmeal-Box Mailbox

Use use a small or large round oatmeal box. To make the top of the mailbox, cut away about 1/4 of the box. Start at the top opening and cut down to the bottom. Move about 1/4 of the way around the box and repeat this step. Cut across the bottom to remove the whole section. Trim the lid to match. To make the bottom, cut a piece of flat cardboard to fit the opening you created. Glue the top to the bottom. You will now have a mailbox that's closed at one end and has an opening at the other. Hold the rim of the lid against one side of the mailbox, even with the opening, and use a paper punch to make a hole through the lid rim and the mailbox. Attach the lid by pulling a piece of pretty ribbon, decorative trim or cord through the holes. Leave enough slack so that the lid, which is now the door, will open and close easily. Close the door and tie the ribbon or cord into a bow on the outside. Paint the mailbox red, white, silver or pink, and decorate it with Valentine stickers. Or cover it with heart-patterned tissue paper or wrapping paper. Add a flag cut from construction paper.

Doily Delivery

Buy a sheet of poster paper in a color of your choice. Cut a piece 12 inches long and 6 inches wide from one of the short ends. On the remainder of the poster paper, find the center. Moving lengthwise, mark a spot two inches away from the center on each side. Moving widthwise, draw a six-inch line on each spot. Slit the lines open using scissors or a craft knife. Insert the ends of the cut piece of poster paper into the slits, bending it to form a rounded top. Make sure the ends of the paper extend about 1/2 inch beyond the slit, and fold them over like tabs to hold the paper in place. Glue purchased paper heart-shaped doilies, size 4 inches, to the front and back of the rounded shape. This is now your mailbox. Glue 6-inch doilies to the sides of the mailbox, letting them extend over the top. Cut a slit in the center of the front doily, enlarging it to about 1/4 inch wide so that valentines will fit through it. Glue more heart-shaped doilies to the poster board surrounding the mailbox. Fold some of them crosswise in the center and glue just the bottom half down, letting the top half stand up.

Message Heart Mailbox

Use a file-storage box to make a large mailbox. Using a craft knife, enlarge the hand holes on each side of the box into rectangles that will accept envelopes. Paint the box and lid, or cover them with solid-color wrapping paper. Cut heart shapes of varying sizes and colors from foam sheets. Hand-print valentine messages on them, or use the Candy Heart Message Generator (see Resources). Glue them to the box. For a box-top decoration, make a three-dimensional conversation heart. Cut out two large hearts and print a message on each one. Cut a strip of matching foam three inches wide, and long enough to reach from the center of the heart, all the way along the edge, and back to the center. Hold one heart and the long strip at right angles and glue the edges together. Then repeat with the other heart. Glue the point of the heart to the box top, so that it stands upright.

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