Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Dedicating a bulletin board display to Valentine's Day helps build student anticipation for this winter holiday. Valentine's Day lends itself very effectively to creative and colorful bulletin boards. Between the vivid reds and pinks associated with the day to the sentiments of love and friendship, a bulletin board can serve as the focal point for classroom Valentine's Day decorations.

Achievment Displays

During the month of February, highlight classroom achievement through a bulletin board with a valentine theme. One example of this type of display is a valentine tree with hearts for leaves. Label each heart with the name of a student who has earned an academic achievement such as a perfect spelling test or completed reading assignment. Place a new heart on the tree with each new achievement.

Creative Shapes

Paper heart cutouts provide a versatile shape for valentine themed displays. Ask students to use different sized heart cutouts to create depictions of various animals. Display these creations on a bulletin board along with the banner "Our Valentine Menagerie." Another option is to instruct each student to trace her hand on construction paper and cut it out. Arrange these construction paper hand prints in the shape of a heart in the center of the bulletin board.

Incorporating Photos

Valentine's Day is a time of remembrance. A bulletin board that features students photos is a real attention grabber. Frame black and white photos of students in the center of white paper doilies and arrange these doilies on a valentine themed bulletin board that sports the phrase "Who Will be My Valentine?" Intersperse images of vintage valentines among the doilies for a traditional display.


You don't have to settle for packaged borders. There are many valentine themed items that work well as borders for bulletin board displays. Staple small valentines around the edge of the bulletin board for a colorful border. Another option is to use pink, red and white construction paper hearts. Layers of sewing trims such as lace or ric-rack yield a sentimental look. Use flattened candy wrappers for a whimsical border. Attach empty, heart shaped candy boxes to the edge of the bulletin board with Velcro for three-dimensional impact.


From fabric to valentine themed wrapping paper, valentine backgrounds do not need to be boring. Red or pink satin fabric adds a punch of color and shine to an ordinary valentine themed bulletin board. For extra pizazz, layer a large piece of white lace over the fabric. Patterned cotton fabrics sporting valentine images make creative backgrounds. Just be sure to select a small pattern, since large patterns may overwhelm other elements of the display. Save that leftover foil Christmas wrapping paper in red or silver for a valentine bulletin board. Create a striped effect by first attaching a solid color background of paper or fabric and then stapling different sizes of satin ribbon in red, pink and white. Attach the ribbon on the diagonal all across the bulletin board.

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