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If you're planning a special night in to celebrate Valentine's Day, be sure to make it special by creating an intimate environment in which to eat a quiet meal together. It doesn't take much; just get a little sentimental and spend some time creating a table setting that will become an important prop to another special memory that you and your significant other share.


It almost goes without saying, but lighting is key. Candlelight is the most effective way to set a romantic mood, but do your best to choose candles that can be associated with something significant in your relationship. Do you and your loved one enjoy beach getaways? Purchase ocean-scented candles to evoke that special and comforting emotion that you share together. If you both enjoy walking through parks together, a grass scented candle would serve the sentimental purpose well. However, keep in mind that you don't want your candles to be too strongly perfumed while you're eating a meal. If you are having trouble finding a scent that isn't overwhelming as opposed to serving a background purpose, save those candles for after the dessert and remember that you can never go wrong with classic white tapered candles in elegant candle holders.

Table Setting

Pink and red are an obvious color palette to fall back on, but if you feel deviating from the norm, take your inspiration from your surroundings or bring new surroundings in. Put a twist on a classic by bringing in bouquets of white and yellow flowers (both colors found to be associated with harmony and happiness) and set the table accordingly. Add a splash of the traditional red with a bowl of strawberries set to the side then let your significant other know they're for dipping in chocolate later on with some champagne.


Was your first date at a cozy romantic Italian restaurant? Try to replicate the environment by finding a similar tablecloth or wall hanging and use them just for the evening. The more personal detail that reflects your history together as a couple, the more you will both enjoy your Valentine's dinner and remembering why you fell in love in the first place!

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