Ideas for Valentine Centerpieces


By using a fabulous Valentine's Day centerpiece on your table, you will transform the dining area into the perfect atmosphere for a holiday party. Whether you love the traditional red and white or want to incorporate new colors, make a centerpiece with your own personal style. Give your guests an ambiance that is sure to make your Valentine's Day one they will remember.

Make It Personal

Make an inventory of supplies around your home. Scrap fabric, paper, beads, markers and flowers can be used without spending a dime. Not every decoration must include a heart. Make sure the tablecloth you are planning to use will not compete with the centerpiece for attention. Make a list of the people you have invited and note their favorite foods, hobbies, places, flowers and animals. This list will help create ideas for craft projects. For example, if a loved one admires daffodils, then including them will add a deeper level of meaning to your celebration.

Make Centerpieces to Use Year-Round

Red and white need not be the only colors you use. Try oranges, pinks or other colors. Echoing the colors in your home will incorporate the Valentine's Day centerpiece into the decor. If you have leftover paint or fabric from decorating a room, consider using them. Or purchase paint and scrap fabric from a hobby store. Buy small pots filled with herbs or other plants. Paint or glue fabric to resemble hearts on each pot. You may need to make a heart pattern with paper and pencil first. Place the pots on a tray in the center of the table and you'll have not only an aromatic centerpiece, but gifts guests can take home as keepsakes.

Give Gifts from the Heart

Create a decoration filled with sentiment by using pictures of loved ones. Fill a clear glass vase with brightly colored glass rocks. Take pictures or photocopied photos of loved ones and attach them to various lengths of wire. Carefully glue mock petals around the edges of the photos. Fabric, tissue paper, construction paper and ribbons make great petals. Arrange each photo stem as if they were flowers, and you will have not only an elegant centerpiece, but one that shows how much you care.

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