Decorating Valentine Boxes

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Character Themed Boxes

For small children, character themed Valentines boxes are very popular. Children adore making or giving out Valentine's Day Cards. Many of the commercial valentines that can be bought at the store such as Spiderman or Dora the Explorer can be made to decorate a Valentine's Day box. Because many school children get more Valentine's Day cards than older kids a larger box should be used. Small boot boxes or large shoe boxes are the perfect size. For the base, a solid color wrapping paper is sufficient. The paper can be glued on or two sided tape can be used to apply the paper to the box. For the lid a slot holder can be cut to accommodate the cards. After removing the Valentine's Day Cards from package---pictures of the characters can be cut out of the card---leaving just the character and no background. This look creates whimsy for the new box. The card cut-outs can then be glued or taped to the box. Valentine's Day quotes or the name of the child can be written on the box with glitter glue or crayon. The end result is a character themed box that is unique, personalized and homemade. Buying stickers, scrapbooking embellishments and glittered accents is a good way to add flair to the papered box. The themed box can then be taken to school and placed on the child's desk.

Middle School Locker

In middle school, kids try to veer away from character valentines and try for more sophisticated valentine alternatives. One idea is to turn an old cracker or saltine box into a replicated locker box. One way is to choose a paper color for the locker such as silver or red and wrap the box completely with double sided tape. Make a slit in the front for the door by carefully using a sharp X-acto knife. Cut a small slot at the top to receive valentines. After the holes are cut, the locker can be embellished with a black marker to hand draw and create vents, a handle, padlock and school details. This is a great look that can be varied depending on the school's mascot and colors.

Victorian Valentines Boxes

Victorian Valentine's Boxes are great for adult Valentine's Day parties. This box can be generated from a standard shoe box. A base colored paper can be used and applied with double sided taped to conceal the advertising on the box. Scrapbooking papers or Victorian pictures from magazines such as "Victoria" can be used to embellish the box. Each Victorian figure needs to be cut out separately like a sticker. The next step would be to cover the back of the paper cutout with a light application of decoupage glue. The figures are then applied to the box and another layer of glue is applied for the finished look.

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