Valentine's Day Wedding Decoration Ideas


When planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. If you are planning a Valentine's Day wedding, you probably chose this day, because it is recognized around the globe as a day of romance. Midst the stress of planning for such a momentous occasion, you may be anxious about the decorations. The following ideas will relieve any worries and leave you with breathtaking scenery with which to surround yourself as you say your nuptials. You'll love the dramatic touches and romantic impression they give to your wedding. Your guests will be raving about them for months.

Accent Your Walk Down the Aisle With Roses

A great way to decorate your Valentine's Day wedding is with roses. How you display them is important. Rather than attaching bows on aisle seats or pews, consider roses. Attach them along the aisle seats in silver-plated nosegays to make a unique and lasting impression on your wedding day. Normally used to carry flowers down the aisle, nosegays can add an elegant touch when lining your path to the altar.

Say Your Vows Beneath an Archway of Flowers

There will be nothing more beautiful than filling ever square inch of your archway with red and white carnations. Entwine a strand of white lights between the carnations for soft lighting and sparkle. The display will look fabulous in your pictures. Carnations tend to be relatively inexpensive, so don't think you have to go with artificial carnations when you can get the real ones for the same low price.

Decorate With Bows

This will only work if your wedding site has chairs as opposed to pews. If you are using chairs you can cover each chair in white linen chair covers which can be rented at most party supply stores. Tie large red bows in either a sheer chiffon material or simple linen. The white chairs accented with the red bows will be a lovely way to decorate for your Valentine's Day wedding.

Use Jewels for Decorations

Drape chandeliers and light fixtures with iridescent and jewel toned beads. This is a romantic effect that will be even more dramatic with the reflection of the lights off of the jewels. If you are having an evening wedding with dimmed lights it is downright spectacular. A great source for these beads is your local free-cycle group found at Yahoo groups. Another resource to utilize are area Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, which usually have a plethora of costume jewelry.

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