Homemade Valentine Mailboxes


Valentine mailboxes are a great place to put all of your incoming cards. Whether you are creating a Valentine mailbox for yourself or helping your child make one, doing it yourself means you can make it exactly the way you like it. With a few supplies you most likely already have in your home, you can make a Valentine's Day mailbox in no time.


The first item you need to find is the actual base for the mailbox. Think about items you have in your home that can hold valentines, but that are also easy to decorate. You can use items such as empty cereal boxes, tissue boxes, or cylindrical oatmeal containers.

Creating the Mail Slot

Each mailbox will need an area to insert the valentines. Some items you use will already have one in place - for example, if you use a tissue box. If you are using something solid, such as a shoebox, you can cut the mail slot using a box cutter or scissors. Parents should do this job for their children.


The main supplies you will need are scissors, a foam brush, stickers, non-toxic markers and Mod Podge. The Mod Podge will adhere the covering to the mailbox and as a laminate to go over the covering to hold it in place; use the foam brush to apply it. It also works as a glue to stick on embellishments. The only other supplies you will need are whatever you will use to cover and decorate the mailbox.

Mailbox Covering

There are several coverings you can use including pages from a Valentine's Day book, comics, wrapping paper, scrapbooking pages and contact paper. You can use both sides of the wrapping paper, one side for a print or the other plain side where you can color with markers and make your own print.


There are several ways to go about decorating your mailbox, including adhering Valentine candy or stickers, ribbon, bows or lace. If you are designing the mailbox for a male, you may want to decorate with darker colors or sporty materials, such as sports-themed ribbon or stickers. In addition, you can write your name followed by "Valentine's Day Mailbox" on the front to personalize it. Another option is to stick on printouts of love poems.

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