How to Throw a Redneck New Year's Party


New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate the year you just had and look forward to a promising year. Thus a party is in order. Instead of just your regular old hang out and drink, eat and socialize party come up with a theme, like a redneck New Year's. Dress up, act silly and have some fun with friends and family.

Step 1

Require a redneck dress code. Think overalls and flannel, mullets, fake teeth, the works. The crazier the better. Don't be afraid to let loose and look silly. Invite everyone else to dress up silly as well. It adds to the excitement and fun of the party.

Step 2

Ask everyone to bring one redneck dish so everyone can sample and have fun grubbing. Think tater tot casserole, baked beans and Fritos and so forth. Set up a table or two for all the food so everyone can serve themselves buffet style. Use coolers to hold the drinks or better yet, the back of someone's truck, the tailgate, real redneck style.

Step 3

Set up a plastic kid's pool and fill it up with water. Put some inexpensive fish like koi or large goldfish in it. Then set out a couple fishing poles for anyone who wants to try "fishing" during the party. Set up a big fire pit in the yard or out front to keep everyone warm on the chilly night. It will be appreciated and people may even make s'mores.

Step 4

Find a long stretch where you can set up "turkey bowling." Use liters of coke either filled or half-filled (with soda or water) and set them up as the pins. Then get a frozen turkey in the netted bag and use that as a bowling ball. You now have a game of turkey bowling set up.

Step 5

Purchase fireworks (if you are allowed to) and set off a fireworks show for your friends and family. Enjoy the spectacle of the bright lights.

Things You'll Need

  • Costumes
  • Kids inflatable pool
  • Coke liter bottles
  • Frozen turkey in the wrapper
  • Fish
  • Fishing poles
  • Fire pit
  • Food and drinks
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