Cupcake Decorating Ideas for New Year's

Whip up a batch of party cupcakes for your New Year's Eve celebration to bring in the new year with a tasty treat. If children will be attending the party, avoid adding alcohol or candies containing alcohol to the cupcakes or make a separate batch for the kids to enjoy. Check the baking aisle of your grocery store to find colored sugars and sprinkles to match your cupcakes to the color theme of your party.

Champagne Cupcakes

Celebrate New Year's with champagne cupcakes. Replace all or part of the water called for in a cake mix with any type of champagne or sparkling wine. Replace half of the water with champagne and half with orange juice to make mimosa cupcakes or use any type of fruit juice to make your own flavor combination. Decorate the cupcakes with a swirl of frosting and champagne bottle candles that can be purchased on the Internet or found in cake decorating supply stores. Alternatively, you could top each frosted cupcake with a chocolate liqueur bottle candy. For an extra special touch, serve each cupcake in a plastic champagne glass.

Clock Cupcakes

Countdown to the New Year with clock-inspired cupcakes. Frost the tops of the cupcakes to create a smooth surface and pipe numbers around the edge to resemble a clock face. Pipe hands from the center of the cupcake to indicate that it is just a few minutes before midnight. If piping the numbers and hands is too difficult, use small round candies to represent each number and cut the hands of the clock from fruit leather or use shoestring licorice. Another option is to pipe one number on the center of each cupcake and arrange the cupcakes in a circle to form a large cupcake clock. Use additional cupcakes to form the hands of the clock or cut shapes out of construction paper and arrange them on the serving platter to indicate the time.

Party Hat Cupcakes

Top your cupcakes with edible party hats for your New Year's celebration. Use cone-shaped snacks such as Bugles to make the hats. Dip the snacks into melted chocolate and decorate them with small candies, sprinkles, colored sugar or frosting. You also can form fondant or gum paste into small cones to create the party hats. Place each hat onto the center of a frosted cupcake and pipe a border around the base of the hat and a ball of frosting at the tip of the hat to give it a finished appearance.

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